About Us

What is Mradio?
Mradio is an online community radio station that focuses on its community, good music and gaming in general. Mradio always tries to put the community first and as the phrase goes, My radio, Your Radio, Our Radio. Mradio has a small team but always keeps high expectations and loves to entertain people and help make their day better, Mradio is best known for its time in the gaming world and GTA RP. Mradio has multiple communities amongst GTA RP and loves interacting and helping the communities, Mradio even launched its own GTA RP server called Fear City in 2020.

How was Mradio created?
Mradio started as an idea amongst two friends, after a lot of planning and hard work. Mradio went from an idea to reality, stride to stride, idea to idea and community to community. Something Mradio is never short of is ideas and plans, and you can always expect something from Mradio, whether it’s building a new community or launching a new radio show. The great thing is that Mradio doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon, but most importantly the thing that keeps Mradio rolling is its team mentality and fantastic community.

How can I see more of these Mradio guys?
You can reach Mradio on one of our many communities on GTA RP, and if that’s not to your taste you can reach out on discord, twitch, twitter, instagram or on our youtube channel. Along with our business email for business related stuff, which you can find in the contact us section of our website. Plus, our radio station is going 24/7 along with shows hosted by your favourite Mradio DJ’s. So, make sure to listen in!

Does Mradio do anything else?
Short answer yes, long answer we do a lot. Along with our dedicated servers and communities on GTA RP we run multiple TV Series’ through our YouTube. Some of the most popular range from Crime on the Street to, State of Wilderness. We run the best video game screenshots and photos on our twitter and discord, which you can enter, just join our discord or tag us on twitter. We also have some features on our website that you can check out with a simple click, along with having our very own original radio shows and podcasts and that’s not even the start. One thing Mradio is never short on is ideas and plans.

How can you help?
Well there’s lots of ways, nearly too many to be honest. You can help the classic way and donate on patreon because it's not exactly free to do what we do unfortunately. Or you could even join our discord and suggest some ideas you think would be pretty cool, and we’ll see what we can do. You can follow all of our social media pages and leave some feedback, but the best way you could help is just to sit back and enjoy our radio station because in the end we just want to entertain and help the people who need it most. The best accomplishment we can achieve is to put a smile on your beautiful face.

So, how does the radio station actually work?
Some do believe that our radio is hosted by some random guys on bicycles pedalling as fast as they can... but our radio is actually hosted through a cloud based radio station system that can be used for live streaming music. That is redirected to our lovely website, where you can hear it. If you're genuinely interested in learning more about how a radio station works and how you could make your own. Find all our contact information in the contact us section, and contact us to find out more.